We Got Our Shots! Sheltering at Home Week 46

Jon and I were of one mind as we planned our day last Friday morning.

We would be on time for our coronavirus vaccinations.

We had appointments in Antioch 37 miles away. There would be some driving to do, but we would be there. On time.

It felt a lot like going for a job interview: if you don’t show up on time, forget it.

But this was bigger than the do-or-die job interviews of our youth. Way bigger.

This really was do or die.

We got there early. To kill time, we bought sandwiches across the parking lot and sat outdoors on restaurant chairs chained to a table.

Back at the medical building, we answered some questions, got our shots, and were given follow-up appointments for February.

A Good Week

Things were looking good that week. An Inauguration Day to celebrate. Shots in two arms. And our first meal at a restaurant in almost a year.

Jon and I might yearn for a nice restaurant dinner with friends, but we also know that there are people all over the world in need of something to eat. My thoughts about that at “World Hunger — Is It Up to Me to Fix It?”

We haven’t seen our grandchildren in the flesh in over a year. But we do our best via Skype. Read about that at “Grandparenting Via Webcam.”



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